Who Does Your Auto Insurance Cover?

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Have you ever lent your car to a friend who needed to run an errand? If so, did you ever stop to consider whether or not your friend was insured while driving your car? If he or she was not insured and got into an accident, you could be liable for the accident.

It is important to know who your auto insurance covers when it comes to your vehicle.

Some auto insurance covers the driver and follows him or her from vehicle to vehicle. Other insurance covers the vehicle itself, no matter who is driving it. There are some forms of insurance that will not cover any other driver than the person who is paying for the insurance.

Liability Coverage, which all Californian drivers are required to have, follows the driver. This means that the driver will always have car insurance, no matter what vehicle he or she is driving.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage covers the car itself. If the vehicle suffers any damage from an accident or vandalism. This means no matter who is driving the car when it gets in an accident, it will be covered.

Comprehensive and collision coverage costs more than liability coverage usually does.

When it comes to allowing friends to drive your car, you should always ask whether or not he or she will be covered in the event of an accident. You should also look into your own insurance and find out if it covers only you or anyone driving your car. Knowing this information will be extremely important in case an accident occurs.