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Thinking that affording your loved one’s bail is impossible is not the right state of mind. It may sound impossible to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, but knowing that your loved one is depending on you, knowing your loved one’s freedom is depending on you, it should be priceless.

Paying for cash bail is much harder than getting a bail bond, so it should be no question which route to go. Bail bonds drastically reduce the costs (by 90%) and allows those responsible for paying to do so over an extended period of time. Note, however, that the 10% they pay for a bail bond (called the premium) is not refunded, whereas cash bail can be refunded.

Don’t stress about the cost of your loved one’s bail bond; with Martinez Bail Bond Store, affording the bail bond is the least of the problems because Martinez Bail Bond Store will take care of the families and defendants. Speak with one of the professional bail agents at Martinez Bail Bond Store as soon as you know you need a bail bond for a loved one! We will happily answer all your questions in detail and give you a FREE consultation before making a commitment and decision. Ask about discounts and cheap bail bonds we offer. We can be reached online and at 925-228-5858.

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