How Should Firearms Be Stored?

How Should Firearms Be Stored?

Gun safety should be on the mind of every gun owner out there. Everyone who owns or even handles a gun should know how to use it safely. One of the important parts of owning a gun is how to store the item safely. No one wants a child to find the gun and cause harm to himself or someone else. That is why storage is so important.

Here in the state of California, gun owners are required by law to properly store their firearms.

Failure to do so can result in criminal charges, and that’s the best case scenario. The improper storage of a firearm can result in someone finding the gun, and hurting someone with it. If this happened, the owner of the gun would be held responsible.

The first part of storing a firearm properly revolves around unloading the gun before storing it. Guns should not be stored with ammunition in them. In fact, the gun and ammunition should be stored in two separate locations.

Next, the gun should be stored with some sort of safety device activated. This can be as simple as turning on the safety of the firearm. This will usually prevent the trigger from being able to be pulled. This decreases the chances of anyone accidentally setting of the firearm.

Lastly, the firearm and ammunition should both be stored in separate locked containers. This prevents anyone from accessing the weapon without the owner’s consent.

By doing all of this, a California gun owner ensures that his or her firearm is safely tucked away from prying hands. No child will be able to accidentally find the firearm and set it off by mistake. Following these guidelines, a gun owner takes the proper legal precautions of storing their firearm safely.


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