DUI Checkpoints And The Holidays

With the holidays here, many people will be out having a good time with family and friends. There will be all sorts of parties going on, and many of them will involve alcohol. If a person plans on drinking this holiday season, then they need to do so responsibly. Not only does this mean knowing their limits when it comes to alcohol consumption, but also having a safe way home planned.

Law enforcement officers know that there will be more people drinking around holidays. Unfortunately, this means that more people will be drinking and driving. In order to prevent this, they will be setting up DUI Checkpoints with the hopes of catching those drivers before they can cause an accident.

If a driver comes across a DUI Checkpoint, they need not worry so long as they haven’t been drinking. An officer will wave the driver forward, then ask him or her a few questions. They will ask to see the driver’s license and registration. They will ask things like where the driver is going, where they are coming from, and if they have been drinking. If everything checks out, the driver will be allowed to proceed without problem.

In today’s modern age, getting a safe ride home after drinking is very easy. A person can assign a designated driver (DD), or hire a taxi, Lyft, or Uber to pick them up. This way, they can get home safely without fear of causing an accident. After all, an accident is the last thing that people want to worry about during the holidays.