Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips

Christmas time is a truly spectacular time of the year. Everyone everywhere is decorating their homes for the holiday. For many, this means placing a Christmas tree up in the center of the living room for everyone to enjoy. It is tradition after all. However, while having a real pine tree in the house is nice, it can quickly turn dangerous if a person is not careful.

Evergreen trees, while a large part of the Christmas celebration, can be very flammable. If someone isn’t careful, they can easily start a fire that ruins their entire holiday celebration. In order to prevent that, a person should follow these tips.

  • Pick a tree that does not lose needles at the touch of a finger. If a person touches a tree and it loses a lot of needles, then the tree is already beginning to dry out. Drier trees are more flammable than fresher ones.
  • Place the tree away from any heat sources. If a tree is too close to a heat source, it could easily ignite.
  • Once a tree is placed, it should be watered every single day. When a tree is watered daily, its life is prolonged, making it less of a fire hazard.
  • Replace light strings that are broken or damaged. This way they cannot cause a spark when placed on the tree.
  • Never use candles as decorations on a tree.
  • Always turn off the lights in the tree before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • After the holiday, get the tree out of the house as soon as possible. Once out of the house, do not store the tree against the house.

Christmas trees are a large part of the Christmas holiday. The festivities wouldn’t be the same without the sights and smells of evergreen trees. A person just needs to be careful. They do not want their precious tree to cause a fire and ruin the entire holiday for them.