Martinez Bail Bonds

When your loved one gets arrested, it can feel like you are having a very bad day and that everyone is out to get you. That is not the case, there are people ready to help you out during your time of need, just call Martinez Bail Bond Store and speak with one of our professional bail agents. We can help you get your friend or family member released from jail in no time at all.

Martinez Bail Bond Store has been helping Californians get bailed out of any jail in the state since our founding in 1987. We are a statewide, family-owned bail bond company, so we truly care about helping our clients and their families. Just give us your loved one’s name, birth date, and the county where he or she was arrested in. We will do the rest for you.

Our skilled bail agents will find the rest of the needed information to begin setting up the bail bond. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask them. Our bail bondsmen can answer any questions you might have about the bail bond process. We will be more than happy to walk you through the process and explain everything.

Call Martinez Bail Bond Store now at 925-228-5858 for a FREE consultation with a skilled bail bondsman.

Let Martinez Bail Bond Store Make Your Loved One’s Bail Bond More Affordable

Martinez Bail Bonds

At Martinez Bail Bond Store, we strive to make bail bonds more affordable by offering all of our clients customized payment plans that fits their individual budgets, 0% interest bail bonds, and absolutely no hidden fees. We also offer zero down bail bonds or discounts to qualifying clients. If you or a co-signer is a homeowner, has a private attorney, or a member of the military or AARP, you can qualify for a 20% discount.

We do this because we understand that most people do not have the necessary money to bail their friend or family member out of jail just lying around. We want you to be able to bail your loved one out of jail without needing to empty your bank account. Martinez Bail Bond Store will help you get your loved one out of jail and return to your normal life quickly and easily.

Depending on the county of your loved one’s arrest, we can have him or her bailed out in as little as 2 hours. Do not force your loved one to stay in jail any longer than he or she needs to. Call Martinez Bail Bond Store as soon as you can and get your life back. With us on your side, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.

Call Martinez Bail Bond Store at 925-228-5858 or Chat With Us now and begin the bail bond process today.