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Have you ever been in a position where you think you might be in trouble, but you do not know for sure? You want to find out for sure, but do not want to ask for fear of making the situation worse. Did you know this very situation can happen with warrants?

It is possible that there is a warrant for somebody’s arrest to be issued without the person knowing. Then, this person hears through the grapevine that there may be a warrant for his or her arrest. Now they want to find out for sure, but they do not want to get arrested just for trying to figure it out.

This is where Bail Bonds in Martinez comes in to help. We provide FREE warrant checks for anyone who needs one. All you need to do is talk to one of our bail agents and provide him or her with your name, birthday, and the county where you think the warrant was issued. If it is in a county where we can look for our clients, we will gladly do it. If we cannot check in that county, we will let you know how to find out for yourself.

Here is a list of counties where we can check for warrants:

  •   –  Fresno County
  •   –  Kern County
  •   –  Orange County
  •   –  Riverside County
  •   –  Sacramento County
  •   –  San Bernardino County
  •   –  Stanislaus County
  •   –  Contra Costa County
  •   –  Tulare County – We will also need the case number for warrants in this county.

And sometimes, we can do warrant checks in:

  •   –  Kings County
  •   –  San Joaquin County

If you need to check for a warrant in any of these counties, we will be more than happy to help you. Unfortunately, we are not able to check for warrants in all counties due to each county having different rules when it comes to warrants.

No matter what your situation, Bail Bonds in Martinez will help you to the best of our abilities. If you need to check to see if you have a warrant, we will do what we can to help you.

To talk to a professional agent right now, all you have to do is click Chat With Us or call Bail Bonds in Martinez at 925-231-2257.