Martinez Bail Bonds

You wake up suddenly at four in the morning because your phone is ringing. It is a strange number, but you answer it anyways. It is a good thing you did, because it is your friend and she says she has been arrested. Your friend needs your help, but you have no idea how to help. Do not worry, there are people who can help you at Martinez Bail Bond Store.

Martinez Bail Bond Store has been helping people all over California bail their friends and family members, out of jail for the past 29 years. Over those nearly three decades, we have learned a lot and we use that knowledge to better help our clients and their loved ones. We will help you secure the release of your loved one in no time.

When you find out you need bail help like that, you do not want to wait. The longer you do, the longer your friend has to stay in jail, and the harder it may become to get him or her out. Luckily for you, our bail agents at Martinez Bail Bond Store are available 24/7. Day or night, you will always be able to get ahold of one of our professional bail agents.

Just call Martinez Bail Bond Store at 925-228-5858 to talk to one of our agents right now.

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Martinez Bail Bonds

At Martinez Bail Bond Store, you do not need to worry about knowing everything about your friend to bail him or her out of jail. All we need to get started is your friend’s name, his or her birthday and the county where he or she was arrested. We can use that small bit of information to locate your friend in the county’s jail system and gather the rest of her info.

Once we have found your friend in the county jail system, we can begin filling out the paperwork and creating a payment plan that you can afford. We will create a customized payment plan that fits into your budget and breaks the large cost of the bail bond into manageable monthly payments.

When you use Martinez Bail Bond Store to bail a friend out of jail, the bail experience can be over just as quickly as it started. With our expert bail agents and locations all over California, we can have your friend out of jail in 2 hours, depending on the county of arrest. Get your friend bailed out of jail with Martinez Bail Bond Store, so you can relax and catch up on your sleep.