Martinez Bail Bonds

Anyone who needs to bail a loved one out of any California jail will look to their family and friends who they know they can count for support. However, they may not want to disrupt their loved one’s lives and so they may choose not to confide in them. An arrest is a heavy topic and getting involved with one is stressful and time consuming. Some would rather not be involved even though they care for the defendant.

If you needed to bail someone out, should you worry?

Not at all. That is if you have Martinez Bail Bond Store at your side to help you.

Martinez Bail Bond Store bails defendants out of jail using bail bonds. The bail bond makes the process faster and more affordable. Instead of paying 100% of the bail, the defendant only needs to come up with 10% of the bail. Plus, the defendant gets to pay the 10% in increments since they will be set up on a payment plan.

To make the process even easier, Martinez Bail Bond Store accepts all forms of payment and they have a secure online payment portal for your convenience.

It is important to know that the 10% premium paid to Martinez Bail Bond Store is non-refundable. It is payment for their services. Getting a bail bond will require a co-signer and could require collateral. Most importantly, the defendant will need to show up for court as scheduled.

Even with those requirements and expectations, bail bonds are still the most affordable, fastest, and most preferred method to posting bail. Martinez Bail Bond Store has 30 years of experience in bailing thousands of individuals out of jail. Each individual has a very different situation, yet Martinez Bail Bond Store always finds a way to help.

If you are ever in need of a bail bond, please call Martinez Bail Bond Store. You can reach us 24/7 both online or by calling 925-231-2257.