The Best Public High Schools In California

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This year, US World News took an in depth look at all of the public high schools across the nation. They looked at all kinds of information about the schools so that they could compile a ranking of the best schools in the country. The over 22,000 schools are ranked based on their students’ performance in state required testing and how well the school prepares its students for college.

US World News gathers its information for the report from credible sources like the US Department of Education and College Board. These sources give them valuable information, which allows them to rank nearly every public high school in the country from best to worst.

The top 3 schools can be found in Arizona, in fact, 5 Arizona high schools rank in the top 10. The rest of this top 10 is filled out with 3 schools from Texas and one from Virginia and California each.

Within California itself, there are 539 school districts with a total of 2,399 high schools.


The top 10 high schools are as follows:

Best Public High Schools In CA

  1. Pacific Collegiate Charter in Santa Cruz
  2. Oxford Academy in Cypress
  3. Whitney High School in Cerritos
  4. KIPP San Jose Collegiate in San Jose
  5. Preuss School UCSD in La Jolla
  6. Lowell High School in San Francisco
  7. University High School in Fresno
  8. Hawthorne Math and Science Academy in Hawthorne
  9. University Preparatory Academy Charter in San Jose
  10. Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies in Los Angeles


These are the top 10 public high schools in the state of California.

US World News calculated each school’s ranking on the list by looking at the following details about each school.


  • Overall performance of students on state test.
  • Number of disadvantaged students who performed at or better than the state average on state tests.
  • Graduation rates.
  • Student performance on college-level AP Exams.


This information helped US World News compare and determine the ranking of each school in the country. For more information or to see how well your local high school did, be sure to check out the full list on US World News’ website.

Graduates And Drinking

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Graduation season is almost upon us, meaning that many young adults are getting ready to celebrate their success. Once they walk across that stage and get their diploma, they are going to go out and have a good time.

If your child is graduating from high school, be sure to remind him or her to behave him or herself. Chances are, if your child is graduating, he or she is over 18. This means he or she is now an adult in the eyes of the law, and any trouble he or she gets into will have real consequences.

This is especially true if he or she is caught drinking. In some states, minors are allowed to drink alcohol, but only if his or her legal guardian is supervising. However, that is not the case in California.

Graduates And Drinking

Minors are not allowed to drink under any circumstances. This means that if someone wants to drink in California, he or she has to be 21 or over.

Any minor caught drinking in California, can face a $250 fine and a maximum of 32 hours of community service for a first time offense. Repeat offenders will face a $500 fine, a maximum of 48 hours of community service, and the chance of having their driver’s license suspended for a year.

Any of these consequences could easily ruin the excitement of graduating from high school. So be sure to remind your graduate that he or she is an adult now and has to be responsible. Doing so can make the difference between a fun graduation celebration and a miserable one.

When Will Charges Be Filed & The Defendant Post Bail?

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The U.S. Constitution says that a defendant has the right to a speedy trial. This does not mean the trial itself will be completed within a certain amount of days. It means that the time between the formal arrest and the decision of the formal charges must be a reasonable amount of time. For most states, this is a 72-hour window, but for California, it is 48 hours. So, the prosecutor has 2-3 days, depending on state law, after a defendant is arrested to deliver the charges that will be filed.

This also protects defendants from having to remain in custody and jail for a lengthy time before the trial begins. Once the charges are announced at an arraignment hearing, then the defendant can post bail to return home. Hypothetically, if the charges are not announced until one week after the arrest, then the defendant must remain in jail for that entire week. A defendant cannot post bail until after charges are announced at an arraignment hearing.

How long does it take to post bail?

How Long Bail Takes

Without a bail bond company, it really depends on the financial ability of the defendant to afford the entire payment. With a bail bond company like Glen Frazer Bail Bond Store, all that needs to be done beforehand is fill out the paperwork and get the needed signatures. The payments come in increments following the defendant’s release from jail.

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What You Need To Know About Being A Bail Bond Co-Signer

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When a legal document needs a co-signer, it means it needs an additional person to cover the debt in case the first person cannot make good on their payments and promises. Co-signers are not uncommon for major purchases like cars, homes, loans, and even bail bonds.

A co-signer will generally have a good credit history with an established income. In case they actually do need to pay the debt of the first person, they can do so without trouble. As you can imagine, agreeing to be a person’s co-signer comes with some risk.

Being A Bail Bond Cosigner

For example, say John Doe was arrested and put into jail. He is allowed to post bail, which is set at $100,000. He decides to post this bail using a bail bond. He will now have to pay 10% of the $100,000. He has time to pay this all off since he and the bail bond company agreed on a payment plan. He also promises to show up for his court date.

The bail bond company requires John Doe to have a co-signer on his bail bond, in case John Doe fails to make his bail bond payments. This co-signer will then be responsible for making the payments. The co-signer will also be responsible for making sure John appears for court.

Before making the commitment to be a co-signer, many things need to be taken into consideration, such as financial stability, how stable of a relationship the potential co-signer holds with the other person, and how honest this other person is.

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Bring Your Loved One Home To Mom For Mother’s Day

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The ultimate Mother’s Day gift you can ever give your mom would be the presence of a loved one whom she believes is stuck in jail. It is a gift that could change her mood from stressed to relieved. Knowing that her loved one is out of jail will definitely bring joy and relief that this person is now in her arms.

Let’s say that it is your brother who is in jail. With it being so close to Mother’s Day and knowing that his bail costs thousands of dollars, your mother believes that he will not be bailed out of jail in time. Getting the money for bail and the process itself will take more days that you all would like.

Mothers Day

What your mother does not know, is that bail does not necessarily have to be that expensive or take that long to take care of. You take it upon yourself to handle everything so she does not have to. Your first order of business is to call Martinez Bail Bond Store.

Martinez Bail Bond Store is a critical component to an affordable, fast, and successful bail experience. It is critical because this highly recommended California bail bond company does all the work for a fraction of the cost. A bail bond will cost only 10% of the full bail amount and it is paid off on a custom payment plan that is tailored to the financial situation of your family and friends. Approvals are made over the phone and your loved one can be released within a few hours. Martinez Bail Bond Store is a family-owned bail bond company and we treat all of our clients as if they were a member of our own family. Plus, your Martinez Bail Bond Store bail agent will be available to you throughout the entire process, making it as stress-free as possible.

Surprise your mom for Mother’s Day and show up with your brother right by your side. Even though she will not hesitate to do so, she should not have to take on the burden of the whole situation. This is her day, and it is your turn to do something for her. You can turn this sour situation into a joyful one, just contact Martinez Bail Bond Store for bail help.

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The Fast And The Furious Is Cool, But Street Racing Is Illegal

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The eighth installment of the popular street racing franchise The Fast and the Furious is finally out in theaters. The movies are entertaining to watch, guilty pleasure or not, but what you see on the big screen is not what you should see in real life.

Street racing, technically documented as Speed Contest, is illegal in California.

A speed contest, street racing, or drag racing, is an illegal exhibition when two or more vehicles race against each other on public streets and highways. In many cases, a clock is used to record the times. Such an activity threatens the safety of the public, not to mention the very drivers in those cars. These street races differ from official and legal car races such as those held by NASCAR.

Obviously, the drivers involved in street racing are violating the law, but spectators can also be cited.

Consequences of street racing include:

  • Arrest
  • Vehicle is impounded for up to 30 days
  • Up to 3 months in jail
  • Up to a $1,000 fine
  • Revoked license
  • Car insurance increases or in some cases, cancelled

When a street race goes horribly wrong and there has been a fatality, the people who are arrested face heightened consequences, both financially and emotionally. They could be looking at medical bills, a totaled car, and a more serious criminal charge like felony reckless driving. This results in a longer prison sentence, if convicted.

Leave the street racing to the movie makers and special effects masters in the film industry. Remember, a car can be a deadly weapon especially if the driver is being irresponsible and driving recklessly. Accidents happen enough as it is, there is no need to increase that risk by getting involved in illegal street racing. So please be responsible and drive safely!

A Look At Some Of The Most Expensive Bails In U.S. History

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Last month, a Northern California woman named Tiffany Li had posted the country’s 8th highest bail in the U.S.’s state court history. Li, accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend and father to her two young children, was given a $35 million bail. She posted twice that amount in property. The equity in these properties comes from her family and business associates. Her family is rich and powerful in China, so meeting the bail requirements was hardly a struggle for Li. The $70 million in equity was reviewed and everything checked out properly, granting Li her release from custody.

As mentioned, this is an extremely expensive bail. Let us take a look at some even more expensive bails from the past.

    Mr. and Mrs. Kenning Ma – $100 million and $75 million, respectively
    Kenning Ma and his wife were accused of fraud. They sold vehicles without ever having the proper smog certificates. Kenning Ma’s bail was set at $100 million while hers was $75 million. Both were eventually found guilty.


    Julius Meinl – $133 million
    At the time of his arrest, Julius Meinl was a British billionaire. He had undisclosed share buybacks that were linked to his European Land Company. He paid his $133 million bail.


    Michael Milken – $250 million
    1989 saw a very high profile Wall Street case. Michael Milken was at the center of it all, being accused on 98 counts of fraud and racketeering. His bail was set at $250 million and eventually, he was found guilty.

Not everyone’s bail is going to be in the millions. The more serious the crime(s), and the more they are considered a flight risk, the higher the bail will be. Having a prior criminal history will also be a reason for an inflated bail. Nonetheless, bail, no matter the amount, is going to be pricey since it is an unexpected cost that no one ever wants to pay or is financially prepared to pay.

In case you or someone you know is ever in the situation of needing to pay a bail, then you can alleviate financial stress by using a bail bond instead of just cash bail. Cash bail means you would pay 100% of the bail up front before the defendant is released. With a bail bond, you would only pay 10% of the full bail amount and you would have a payment plan to work with. Martinez Bail Bond Store is a great bail bond company to work with. To learn more about our services, feel free to talk to one of our friendly bail agents for a FREE consultation to get your bail bond questions answered. Don’t hesitate to ask about our no down payment bail bonds and discounts we offer. We are always available and ready to help you 24/7. Call us anytime!

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What Are California’s Gun Laws?

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It has been 15 months since the December 2015 terror attack in San Bernardino, California, yet the community has not quite recovered from the horrific loss. Just recently, they were struck with another tragedy: a shooting at an elementary school that left 2 adults and 1 eight-year-old child dead. With the nation watching on social media, discussion about California’s gun laws began immediately. Many pointed out that California’s gun regulations are relatively strict compared to other states.

  • All guns must be purchased through a licensed dealer.
  • A person must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a rifle or a shotgun.
  • To purchase a handgun, a person must be at least 21 years of age.
  • All purchasers must register their ID and fingerprints with the state.
  • All purchasers must pass a universal background check and a written test to obtain a 5 year firearm safety certificate.
  • There is a 10 day waiting period for the potential gun owner to receive the gun; this gives law enforcement time to conduct their background check.
  • It is illegal to sell or purchase .50 caliber rifles and assault weapons, such as semi-automatic firearms. It is also illegal to sell or purchase magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.
  • California Gun Laws

  • It is illegal to purchase more than 1 handgun per month.
  • All guns must be micro-stamped when they are sold. This means that each gun has a unique serial number that is transferred to each cartridge case when it is fired. At crime scenes, detectives can use this serial number and trace the bullet back to the proper gun and owner.
  • If a person has lost their gun or has had it stolen, they must report this to the police within 5 days.
  • Lending guns to anyone outside of immediate family is illegal.
  • Guns must be securely stored at home, out of view of other people and out of reach of children. Ideally, the stored gun should not be loaded.
  • When left in an unattended vehicle, a gun must be stored in a locked container or locked trunk.
  • A person must pass a background check each time they wish to purchase ammunition.

There are many more gun laws in California, and the list will continue to change and grow. Gun control is always a hot debate, but ultimately, the goal is to protect the people and keep them safe. It is a matter of figuring out the best laws and solutions to achieve this and keeping crime and danger at bay.

A Mother’s Day Miracle: The Whole Family Together

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All any mother wants on Mother’s Day is to spend the day with her family. She does not get a full family day like this very often anymore. Her children are older now. They may be away for college, or live and work in another state. They may even have their own little families to raise. In some rare cases, someone in the family may be in police custody for committing a crime. Getting everyone together can be a challenge in so many ways. Nonetheless, a mother deserves her special day, so the family will do everything they can to see that everyone is present. That includes bailing out the one who is in jail.

Bailing a person out of jail does not need to be as complicated and stressful as you might think. It is not going to be as easy as going for a picnic, but it will not make you lose all of your sleep or your whole life savings. To get the best bail experience, contact Martinez Bail Bond Store.

Martinez Bail Bond Store is a top bail bond company in California. We will issue you a bail bond that costs 10% of the full bail amount.

If the bail is $50,000, then the bail bond premium costs $5,000. The family will then be set up on a custom payment plan so they can pay this $5,000 in smaller increments with cash, credit, debit, or checks. Once all the details are laid out and the paperwork is finalized, the paperwork will be transferred to the jail for processing. After that, your loved one will be free to return home.

Happy Mother's Day

The time it takes between learning the bail amount and signing the paperwork can be a few hours. It may feel like forever, but in hindsight, it is actually pretty quick. If you were trying to bail your loved one out of jail without using a bail bond or a professional bail agent to assist you, you would be going the cash bail route. This method is more time consuming, stressful, and expensive for the majority of people.

Save yourself the trouble and headache and contact Martinez Bail Bond Store for a FREE bail bond consultation. Our helpful bail agents are very much aware that you and your loved one’s time and money is valuable. They will kindly get you all the information you need as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to ask about our zero down bail bonds and bail bond discount we offer to see if you qualify. We are available 24/7 (including holidays), so call us anytime. We will help you get your loved one home for Mother’s Day!

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What Your First 3 Or So Days Look Like If You’re Ever Arrested

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Are you curious to know what the first 3 or so days look like for a defendant who was just arrested?

Immediately when a person is arrested, they are read their Miranda Rights – the right to remain silent and the right to a lawyer.

Following the arrest, the defendant is taken to booking. During the booking process, their name is recorded, as well as the reason for their arrest. The officers will take the defendant’s mugshots and fingerprints. Additional DNA samples will be taken. The loose items that were on them during the arrest, like wallets, keys, and cell phones, will be confiscated. The defendant will change into an orange jumpsuit, and their clothes will be confiscated. They will go through a full body search and a health screening. The police will check if any other warrants had been issued for the defendant’s arrest prior to this one.

Your First 3 Days After An Arrest

After booking, the suspect is taken to a room where they will wait for questioning, and conversations with loved ones. Mostly, they wait for their arraignment hearing, which will take place no more than 3 days after the arrest. This is where the prosecutor formally announces the charges, and the judge determines the bail.

Once bail is set, the defendant, and his or her loved ones, can begin making arrangements to pay the bail. The route most commonly used to post bail is hiring a bail bond company like Vine Hill Bail Bond Store. This way, the defendant pays only 10% of the full bail amount to the company, rather than 100%. Moreover, with a bail bond company, they get a payment plan that is executed after the defendant’s release. There are additional terms and conditions, but overall, it is much more desirable than paying 100% cash bail.

Learn more about bail bonds and what to expect in the process from a professional at Vine Hill Bail Bond Store. Consultation with one of our helpful bail agents is FREE, so don’t hesitate to call and get your questions answered. They will be more than happy to answer and explain how bail works to you. They are available around the clock both online or by phone at 925-228-5858. Ask about cheap bail bonds and bail bond discounts we offer as well. We are available 24/7 for your convenience, so call anytime!

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