No Down Payment Bail Bonds in Pleasant Hill

Just imagining that a friend or family member has been arrested is terrifying for a majority of people, and rightfully so. No one wants someone they care about to be stuck behind bars. Luckily, in most cases, a person does not have to stay in jail simply because he or she was arrested.

Many arrested individuals are granted bail, which means they can get out of jail during the trial period if they pay the bail to the court. Unfortunately for many individuals, their bail is set far too high for them to even consider trying to pay it on their own. This is where they turn to loved ones for help, and these loved ones hopefully know to turn to a trustworthy bail bond company like Bail Bonds in Pleasant Hill.

A bail bond company helps make paying for a bail easier. The company will pay the bail for a client, and they will simply require payments that is proportional to the amount of the bail.

In California, a bail bond company charges 10% of the bail they are paying for.

If the bail is set at $20,000, then the bail bond company will charge $2,000. This can greatly reduce the bail cost of even the most expensive bail.

To make the situation even better for clients, Bail Bonds in Pleasant Hill allows clients to pay for the bail bond with a payment plan. Our bail agents will work with our clients to create a payment plan that the client can actually afford to pay every month. Some might worry that this payment plan might delay the release of their incarcerated loved one, but they would be wrong. A bail agent will secure the defendant’s release from jail as soon as the initial payment has been received by the company.

By helping clients get out of jail at an affordable price, Bail Bonds in Pleasant Hill makes the bail process simple. With us on your side, we can prove to you that there is nothing to fear when it comes to bailing someone out of jail.

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