The first thing we want to say is that not every person who contacts us about a California bail bond will need to put up collateral to secure the bail bond. The need for collateral is a case-by-case thing. Some of the things we look at are the types of charges the potential customer faces, how strong their connection is to the community, if they’re working and how large a bail bond they require.
If we do require collateral, there are some things we’ll accept and some things we won’t.

A House

Houses are a great form of collateral when you need to secure a large bail bond. We like them because, unlike a car, we know exactly where the house is located at all times. That being said, we can’t accept all houses as collateral. They must be paid off, they must equal the amount of the bail bond and we have to be reasonably sure you won’t destroy the house while you’re using it for collateral.


We also love land as collateral. Once again this is a pretty secure form of collateral that we’re happy to accept once you show us proof that you’re the owner and that you don’t owe any money on the land.


Most of our clients want to use a car for collateral. While this is a reasonable form of collateral that we’ll consider, it has to be paid off. We have to be confident that you won’t destroy it. The insurance has to be up to date. Most importantly, we must be confident that you won’t use the car to skip bail.

Valuable Belongings

We’re not opposed to you using antiques and jewelry to secure a bail bond, but it could delay the process a bit. It’s not enough that you own a lovely antique desk or are offering a gorgeous diamond ring, we need to know that it’s valuable enough to secure the bail bond. This means you’ll not only have to show proof that it’s your personal property, but you’ll also have to submit a professional appraisal.

Bank Accounts

Bank accounts are a popular form of collateral, but before you start handing your account numbers over to us, you need to understand that we’ll need to know how much is in the account and that we’ll freeze the funds in place until the conclusion of our client’s case.
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