Family Is Your First Answer To Help


It’s true that at some point in life, we all have the want and need to be independent. We hate to ask for help from others because there is a stigma that it shows weakness. We don’t want to burden others with our problems so we just keep attempting to solve them ourselves. We continuously fail.

However, that is a weakness stigma is a false representation. In fact, asking for help from others and acknowledging your need for them is a sign of maturity and a true act of wanting to improve upon oneself. Loved ones will be relieved to be able to openly help.

There is a proverb that goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Going faster alone leads to nowhere because all the in-between steps are overlooked and rushed. Having support from loved ones will yield the positive outcome. Family will not let each other down; they ought to be the first people turn to for help. We were all there at one point or another – needing help because we cannot do it alone. Let’s use this open opportunity!

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How To Find Out If There Is A Warrant For Your Arrest


Aside from bailing arrested individuals out of jail, Martinez Bail Bond Store is also able to conduct an anonymous search for you to check if a warrant has issued for your arrest.

Maybe something buried so deep in your past that you have forgotten about, but the police have not (or new evidence and technology brings the case back up). Maybe you have a bunch of unpaid tickets and fines. Maybe someone threatened you. Whatever your concern is, we can help find that out. All we would need is your name, birthday, and city or county you think the warrant was issued.

If there is no warrant – great. If there is, do not panic. We can start arranging your bail before you turn yourself in to the police, thereby reducing jail time. Plus, turning yourself in will be favorable to yourself and the police, rather than having them hunt you down. By being honest and turning yourself in may also have positively impacted your jail time and reduced it.

If you would like us to search for your warrant, anonymously of course, please call Martinez Bail Bond Store now at 925-228-5858.

Otherwise, we can also start your bail process as well. You can trust us to be there to help you!

When You Need A Bail Agent, Call Martinez Bail Bond Store


People tend to believe that unlike other drug dealers, they won’t get busted, or they won’t get into an accident while driving under the influence. People believe they will not get caught and nothing bad will happen to them like it does to others. However, the reality is that there is no absolute certainty of this “luck.” Whether you get caught for knowingly doing something illegal or by making an honest mistake, you may someday need a bail bond agent and we encourage you to choose Martinez Bail Bond Store.

Some situations you might find yourself needing to post bail include driving or traffic-related charges, sexual harassment, neglecting to pay bills, and much more. At Martinez Bail Bond Store, we do not question or judge your integrity or what you are being charged for. We perform our duties respectfully and professionally – our goal is to front your bail in the form of a bond on your behalf so that you can be released from jail until you must meet again in court.

We do not encourage illegal activity and we strongly advise all to truly evaluate the people you surround yourself with, the activities you engage in, and your overall way and quality of life. We want all to be successful, happy, and safe. We do not wish any danger or arrest on any of you but we do wish for you to understand that jail time and having to forfeit bail money is not pleasant and not something to test. However, you can certainly count on Martinez Bail Bond Store if you do ever need our services.

Connect with us, call Martinez Bail Bond Store now at 925-228-5858. Not everyone will be lucky but we can help ease some of the stress.

Martinez Bail Bond Store is Your Best Choice


If you choose to use a bail bonds agency other than Martinez Bail Bond Store, the process can be agonizing. Other bail agencies do not care if your friend or family member gets out of jail, all they care about is making money. That is why companies like that have more complaints from the California Department of Insurance than they have years of being in business.

At Martinez Bail Bond Store, we truly care about our clients and their families, we do not get complaints. Our skilled bail agents take care of our clients and help you bail your love ones out of jail quickly. You can always count on being able to get ahold of one of our many trained bail bondsmen when you need them most

Call Martinez Bail Bond Store now at 925-228-5858 to speak with a bail agent, they are available 24/7.

We have offices located in cities all over California so you can always find a local agent nearby. Most of our offices are close to local area jails or courthouses to help speed up the bail bonds process. This, combined with our bail agents’ skill helps us bail out our clients’ loved ones faster than any of our competitors.

At Martinez Bail Bond Store we believe that there is always room to learn more about our trade. Every year we train and retrain our bail agents to keep them at their very best. This way our bail bondsmen are up to date on all things bail and can help you and your love ones. We offer the best bail service in all of California.

• Agents Available 24/7

• Convenient locations

• Personalized payment plans

• No hidden fees

Why choose any other bail bond agency and risk making bailing out your love ones even more difficult. Use Martinez Bail Bond Store to make rescuing your friend or family member quick and easy. Our skilled bail agents will walk you through the bail process and be with you every step of the way.

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Martinez Bail Bond Store has the Most Experienced Bail Agents


Every day, thousands of people are arrested in California alone. Lucky for them, Martinez Bail Bond Store is here to help. Our amazing bail agents have bailed hundreds of people out of jail and continue to do so every day. We provide all of our clients with fast, courteous and confidential service.

At Martinez Bail Bond Store we work hard for our clients to get their love ones bailed out of jail quickly. We will walk you through the bail bonds process and explain what is going on at each step. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask one of our knowledgeable bail agents, they have years of training and experience.

Martinez Bail Bond Store have the best bail bondsmen in all of California. Every year we train and retrain all of our bail agent to keep them at the top of their game. When they are at their best, you receive the best service we can provide. You can always rely on our bail agent to be there for you and your loved one.

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Unlike our competitors who are only interested in how much money they can make from you. At Martinez Bail Bond Store we are more concerned with helping you bail out your loved one. Our bail agents will work with you to create a personalized payment plan that works with your budget.

• Open 24/7

• Professional bail help

• Customized payment plans

• No hidden fees

No matter when your friend or family member was arrested, you can call on Martinez Bail Bond Store for help. We cover all of California and can get your loved one out of prison quickly and easily. Why waste your time with other bail bonds agencies who are only after you money? Martinez Bail Bond Store will help you rescue your loved one at a price you can afford.

What are you waiting for, call Martinez Bail Bond Store now at 925-228-5858 and bail your loved one.

You Have Friends at Martinez Bail Bond Store


When a friend or family member has been arrested it can feel like no one is on your side. It can feel like none of the bail bonds companies want to help you and your love one. Luckily for you, Martinez Bail Bond Store and our bail agents are ready and willing to help you bail out your love ones.

Martinez Bail Bond Store has been bailing Californians out of jail for nearly 30 years. We have helped thousands of people who felt they were in hopeless situations. We know all the best ways to help you rescue your friend or family member from prison. Our skillful bail agents will walk you through the bail bonds process and answer your questions.

You can call Martinez Bail Bond Store for help any time of day or night, our bail bondsmen are available 24/7. Our bail agents will answer any questions you might have about bail and make sure you understand how your love ones will be bailed out. Martinez Bail Bond Store agents can become your friend during this process, someone on your side to help secure the release of your love ones.

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Unlike our competitors who are unwilling to work with you, our bail agents will work with you to come up with a payment plan. Martinez Bail Bond Store will create a personalized payment plan that fits your budget. This way you can truly afford to bail your friend or family member out of jail and get them returned home where they belong.

• Free consultation

• Open 24/7

• Cover all of California

• Quick, reliable service

It does not matter where in California your love ones was arrested, Martinez Bail Bond Store will always be there to help. Our professional bail agents can help you day or night, anywhere in the state. You can always count on your friends at Martinez Bail Bond Store to be there for you when you need us.

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Why You Need To Remember To Be Happy


Don’t be afraid to admit that you tend to overlook how blessed you are in life – we’ve all there with you every day. We may not necessarily be taking things and people for granted – a home, a family, education, work, food, transportation, leisure spending, etc. But we sure tend to forget that so many other people do not have the same access to our privileges, though they sure would love to.

At the same time, we sometimes put these privileges into jeopardy when we make a mistake and land behind bars. Family and friend bonds take a strain, you may lose your job, your leisure activities sure change. You’re suddenly confined to a small cell with nowhere to go and few people to interact with. What did you do that made you end up here?

If you’re willing to rectify the situation we, Martinez Bail Bond Store, can help you. Just like your loved ones, we don’t want you wasting days behind bars. Instead, you can engage in your daily life as before, but this time we’re sure you will be doing so with a new state of mind to see how much of this you would be missing if you were in jail. This is like a second chance for you to appreciate your life appropriately (except we hope you don’t ever reach this “second chance”).

But, if you do need Martinez Bail Bond Store’ help, you can count on us. We won’t question, we won’t judge, we won’t divulge your situation to anyone.

Give Martinez Bail Bond Store a call at 925-228-5858 to learn more or make an appointment!

Clients Speak The Truth – See Why Martinez Bail Bond Store Is The Best


No matter where we go, Martinez Bail Bond Store always want excellent, top-notch customer service – be it at a restaurant, a resort, or a retail shop. However, Martinez Bail Bond Store know that this is not always the case and while it may be a little off-putting, it’s not a deal-breaker (unless we experienced outstandingly awful service).

For customer service expectations from a company like a bail bond company that is dealing with a loved one’s freedom and legal issues though, we expect that top-notch customer service. After all, there is more at stake than a company’s own reputation – a client’s life. Customers ought to expect excellent service, and the company should always maintain that excellence with pride and integrity, but also with friendliness. No one likes an overbearing company that tries too hard to the point they are seen as not genuine.

California’s Martinez Bail Bond Store has a great reputation for meeting and exceeding client’s expectations and needs. Customers approach the company with stress, concern, and confusion, but they depart satisfied and relieved. Martinez Bail Bond Store has a higher rate of satisfied customers than most other competitors – even competitors who have been in the bail industry longer. Just check out our client’s testimonials and you’ll see why so many people trust this company. If you’re ever in need of a professional bail agent, don’t settle for just any company. Do your research and choose the best – Martinez Bail Bond Store.

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4 New California Laws You Need To Know About


We are four months into 2015 and you probably don’t know a lot of the 900 new California laws passed in January, huh? Well, we’re here to highlight some of the biggest changes because it’s very important to simply be aware – so you can exercise your rights if you’re ever in the situation, and so you do not “accidentally and innocently” do not violate the law. (Not knowing about the law will not get you off the hook if you’re caught!)

• Yes Means Yes – Consensual sex in college now must be agreed upon by both parties in a lucid and coherent state of mind. This allows colleges to receive state funding. California is the first US state to replace the No Means No law with this Yes Means Yes law.

• Audrie’s Law – Teens face harsher punishments if they are convicted of sexually assaulting another person.

• Sex Abuse Rights – Any child who is sexually abused on or after January 1, 2015, has until their 40th birthday to file charges. Before this, they had until their 28th birthday to file.

• Selfie Revenge Porn Rights – It is a misdemeanor to send nude photos of someone to other people, even if the photo was taken by the nude poser. This is often an act of revenge for exes.

Violators of these crimes face consequences that can include jail time at the conclusion of a trial. But prior to trial and during, we hope you are offered the right to post bail and if you are, Martinez Bail Bond Store can help you do that.

Call Martinez Bail Bond Store now at 925-228-5858 and we’ll send one of our best agents to help you immediately!

Martinez Bail Bond Store Has Unparalleled Service


Finding a company who provides excellent customer service for you during a stressful time can really make a big difference in their quality of work. For example, if you have a loved one in jail, and you need to bail them out, wouldn’t you want a professional bail agent, like one who represents Martinez Bail Bond Store, who is not only reliable, but also honest and sympathetic? These qualities show that the agent truly wants to help you and will do everything in their power to get your loved one our.

Other agents who lack these characteristics will not help alleviate any of the stress you feel. They will get the job done, but you may be frustrated with how they approached the situation.

Martinez Bail Bond Store is known for providing the best bail agents in California. Clients note agents’ excellence in experience, professionalism, sincerity, friendliness, and reliability, all of which, and more, contribute to Martinez Bail Bond Store’ overall unparalleled service. No other bail bond company can match Martinez Bail Bond Store in these manners, as they have more customer complaints on their portfolio.

To learn more about Martinez Bail Bond Store and the services offered, call us at 925-228-5858 and one of our agents will be more than happy to assist you.