Save A Dog From A Hot Vehicle

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In California, it is legal to break into a stranger’s car in order to save a dog that is trapped and suffering, but it is still illegal to do so to save a child. Last year, California implemented a law that protects the individual from civil damages if they save a dog. However, California has yet to figure out and implement laws that would protect the individual if they did this to save a child.

This does not mean that a person can break into a car to save a dog anytime they want. It is only forgiving under certain conditions, and the individual is only protected if they comply with certain rules.

On any given day, the temperature inside a vehicle is higher than the temperature outside. Now, think about conditions if the outside temperature was 85 degrees. If a dog is locked inside the vehicle, then a person can consider breaking in to save the dog if it is suffering. The person has to be sure that there is no other way to get the dog out and the owner is nowhere to be seen. In other words, this Good Samaritan has to be sure that they have exhausted all other methods to save the dog.

If they break into the car to save the dog, they will need to alert the cops of the incident and stay at the scene until the cops arrive so they can provide their statement. If the good samaritan does all of this, they will be protected from charges. If they neglect even one thing, especially staying after breaking into the vehicle, they may be charged.

If you are the owner and have a dog or a young child with you on a hot day, and you need to park your car to run a quick errand, it is best to bring your child with you. If the store is pet-friendly, bring your pet or at least leash him or her outside in the shade. It is illegal to leave a child who is under the age of 7 unattended in a vehicle unless they are being supervised by another who is at least 12 years old. Hot vehicles can be a deadly weapon very fast. It is a very risky to leave a pet or a young child in the vehicle without proper safety measures.

Tips For Staying Safe On Halloween

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Halloween is a lot of fun for many people, especially for kids. They love dressing up in their costumes and going trick or treating to get as much candy as possible. While trick or treating can be very fun, it is important to remember to stay safe. Here are a few tips on how you can do that this Halloween:

  • Stay in groups. Children under the age of 12 should not trick or treat alone.
  • Take a flashlight trick or treating to help you see, and to help others see you.
  • Costume accessories such as knifes and swords should be soft and flexible to avoid injuries.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the street, and try to cross at street corners.
  • Walk on sidewalks when they are available, and stick to the far edge of the road when they aren’t.
  • Never enter stranger’s homes, and never accept rides from strangers.
  • Do not accept homemade treats.
  • Only visit well-lit houses.
  • Parents should examine all of their kids’ candy for any signs of tampering before the kids to eat it.

By following these Halloween trick or treat safety tips, you and your kids should be able to have a safe and fun Halloween this year.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Scary California Legends: The Monster Of Elizabeth Lake

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It is finally October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. It is the time of the year when the weather gets colder and scary stories reign supreme. With as large a state as California is, it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of scary myths and legends out there about the place we call home.

One such story, is the legend of the Devil’s Pet hiding in Elizabeth Lake in Los Angeles County. Spanish missionaries named the lake Laguna del Diablo. According to several legends, the Devil himself carved the lake to house his pet. It was a fearsome creature with bat-like wings, a long neck, six legs, and a short face. The creature was rumored to emit a horrible stench, and was around 50 feet in length.

The first sighting of this horrible creature, was in 1830 when a rancher built his ranch along the shores of the Lake. Everything seemed fine, until a fire burnt down every structure in a single night.

Later, in the 1850’s when the property was resettled, the settlers all eventually fled to strange circumstances surrounding the area. They would be awoken in the middle of the night by screams and other unholy noises. They were plagued by strange visions until they fled the area for the sake of their own sanity.

As the years progressed, countless ranchers and settlers tried to build a life along the shores of lake, but each was chased away in time. Many ranchers reported that something was out there, eating their livestock. Others experienced giant, winged shadows flying over their homes. Those who saw the beast, tried to end the creatures existence with their guns. Unfortunately for those people, the bullets bounced harmlessly off the monsters hide.

While this creature chased away many men, there was one who refused to back down. Miguel Leonis would not let this creature continue to make a meal of his livestock. He lay in wait for the beast, and he got his chance, he opened fire on the monster. Just as the legends stated, the bullets ricocheted off the creature. They didn’t even scratch the monster.

Leonis, however, was not deterred. He charged the beast, attacking it with the butt of his rifle. He managed to land blows on the creature’s face, damaging its eye. The monster fled into the lake, where it lay in hiding, recovering from the attack, and waiting to make its next move and gets its revenge.

What Is The Point Of A Co-Signer?

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When looking into getting a bail bond, a person is bound to run into the term co-signer. Some people may wonder what a co-signer is, and why they are so important to the bail bond process.

A co-signer is a person who is willing to sign the paperwork for the bail bond. This person is taking responsibility for the bail bond, meaning he or she needs to keep the defendant in line and make sure that payments are made on time.

Luckily for the co-signer, he or she does not have to do it alone. There can be multiple co-signers on a bail bond, which helps spread out the weight and responsibility.

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary roles of the co-signer is to make sure the defendant stays out of trouble. If a defendant gets into more trouble with the law while out on bail, he or she could be rearrested. If this happens, the co-signer would still need to finish paying off the bail bond. There is good reason for the co-signer to make sure the defendant stays out of trouble and goes to all of his or her court dates.

Another, lesser known reason for having co-signers on a bail bond, is it shows confidence in the defendant. The more people who are willing to co-sign the bail bond, the more confidence the bail bond company has in the defendant. This shows that friends and family members believe that their loved one will not run, and go to all of his or her court dates. The more co-signers that you can get for a bail bond, the better a deal the bail bond company can offer you.

As you can see, co-signers are extremely important to the bail bond process. They can greatly affect the cost of the bond, and make it more affordable for everyone involved. If you want to bail someone out of jail, be sure to get some friends and family members to help co-sign the bail bond with you.

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Getting Someone Out Of Jail Quickly

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If you have someone that is in jail, and you want to get him or her out quickly, you need to move fast. This means that you want to find a good bail agents in a hurry. That can prove difficult if you do not know where to look. Luckily, finding a good bail agent is easy at Bail Bonds in Martinez.

Our bail agents here at Bail Bonds in Martinez are some of the best in the entire state of California. They are available around the clock, which means there will be no waiting around to talk to a professional. You will be able to get the bail bond process started right away.

Once you begin talking to one of our helpful bondsmen, they start working for you right awy. They will not waste time. They will begin looking through the county database to locate your friend or family member in the system. Then they will begin to fill out the paperwork. The more information you have about your loved one, the faster the bail bond process can be.

Next, our agents begin working with you to figure out the payment for the bail bond. This can go faster if you have multiple people willing to sign for the bond, and have some money ready to go. Trying to come up with the money for the bond can often be one of the longer parts of the bail bond process.

Once that is taken care of, we send an agent to the jail to secure your friend or family member’s release. Here at Bail Bonds in Martinez, we do everything that we can to get our clients out of jail as quickly as possible.

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The Difference Between Bail & Bail Bonds

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Something that many people do not realize is that there is a difference between bail and bail bonds. While the two terms are related, they are two very different things. However, they both help someone reach the same goal, just in different ways.

When someone is arrested, they are assigned a bail amount. This is the amount of money the person will have to pay to the court to get out of jail. It usually cost several thousands of dollars, minimum. This puts it well out of reach for most individuals. This is especially true, since the entire bail amount has to be paid before the defendant will be released from jail. Unfortunately, most people do not have that kind of money lying around.

This is where bail bonds come in to play.

Bail bonds differ from bail because the money is no longer paid directly to the court. A bail bond is actually a payment to a bail agent for paying the defendant’s bail.

Basically, when a defendant hires a bail agent, the agent will pay for the person’s bail, and only charge a small portion of the bail as a service fee. In California, this fee is 10% of the bail.

With a bail bond, this 10% is all that has to be paid to get the defendant released from jail. This means that bail bond reduce the cost of bailing someone out of jail by 90%.

In the end, both bail and bail bonds help get people out of jail. One does so at a far more affordable price, which is why most people choose to get a bail bond. Bail bonds can get even more affordable at Bail Bonds in Martinez. We allow our clients to pay off the bail bond on a payment plan, which can greatly reduce the upfront cost of the bail bond.

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California’s Car Modification Regulations

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Car enthusiasts view their vehicle like an extension of themselves or like a best friend, pet, or child. They take great care of the vehicle. They give it a name and customize it to their liking, so that it is not like the rest of the same makes and models. Car enthusiasts truly prize their vehicles and make modifications that cost quite a bit. There are some freedom when it comes to car modifications, yet there are also certain regulations and laws the car owner must stay within in California when modifying their vehicles.


Rear and back side windows can be as dark as the owner wants, but front side windows cannot. Front side windows tints must allow over 70% of light to shine through.


Cars may not have more than 2 spotlights with white lamps. These spotlights must not illuminate past 300 feet from the vehicle. Additionally, cars can only have two fog lights.


Every car engine must be certified for use. Cars may only be equipped with emission control systems that were originally made for that specific vehicle or one of a newer model. All vehicles must pass regular smog checks.


Sound systems must not be heard over 50 feet from the vehicle if it is driving on a highway.


A vehicle can be lifted as high as 5 inches, but no more than that.

Anyone who modifies their car illegally will not only be given a ticket, but they will also be required to remove the illegal modification car parts.

These modification laws help ensure a few things:

  1. That there is less disturbance to other drivers, pedestrians on the street, and people in their homes or workplace.
  2. That the environment is taking in the least amount of toxins.
  3. That people are alert and aware of when emergency vehicles need to pass by.

Southern California’s Dog-Friendly Parks & Beaches

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Dogs are our best friends. Their owners are responsible for keeping them safe, which also includes keeping the public safe. This is why there are certain laws dog owners must follow, from needing to keep them on a leash in most places, to getting them vaccinated.

Whenever a dog owner takes their dog out, the dog must be kept on a leash. Some communities require leashes to be 6-8 feet long; other communities have no leash length requirement. By keeping a dog on a leash, the owner is taking precaution to keep their dog safe, like avoiding getting hit by a passing car. In addition, they also keep other people safe, like avoiding a dog attack or scaring others who are uncomfortable around dogs. If a dog attack occurs, the owner can be arrested and charged with a crime, even if the owner did not encourage the fight and tried to stop their dog. They would have to pay a fine and possibly spend time in jail. In some situations, they may also lose their dog, or their dog will be put down.

Dog owners who have had time to train their dogs to be obedient and friendly would love to let their best friend off the leash and play with other friendly dogs as well. At most California parks and beaches, this is not allowed. Dogs must remain on their leash. However, there are some dog-friendly parks and beaches, where dogs can run around leash-free. A handful of such welcoming locations can be found throughout Southern California.


  • Alice’s Dog Park in Pasadena
  • The Boneyard in Culver City
  • Griffith Park Dog Park in Los Feliz
  • Laurel Canyon Dog Park in Studio City
  • Silver Lake Off-Leash Dog Park in Silver Lake
  • Whitnall Off-Leash Dog Park in North Hollywood


  • Arroyo Burro Beach in Santa Barbara
  • Fiesta Island in San Diego
  • Huntington Dog Beach in Huntington Beach
  • Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach

  • At these dog-friendly beaches and parks, owners are still responsible for their pet, making sure they get along well with the other dogs. Being a dog owner is like being a parent. In fact, many future parents test their parental responsibilities by getting a dog first. So, treat your dog like you would your kid. Raise it, love it, care for it, and keep it (and yourself) out of trouble. Just like you could face legal consequences if your teenage kid broke the law, you could face legal consequences if your dog causes injury to another.

    DUIs Are No Joke In California

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    Instead of treating the gang to a final round of shots at last call, treat them to a pitcher of water and some fast food. This will jumpstart the mind and body to sober up so you can all get home safe and sound. It is the responsible thing to do and although your buds may give you the thumbs down to denying alcohol, they will definitely give you the thumbs up for feeding them.

    Consider the benefits of having one less drink. You save money, for one. Secondly, you have a little more awareness. Rather than driving home yourself, hop into a Lyft or Uber so that you can rely on this sober driver to get you home safely. While this will cost you a few bucks, at least you do not have to worry about accidents and DUIs.

    A first offense DUI in California can be at least $40,000-50,000.

    This cost covers revoked licenses, attending a mandatory driving education course, the fees for getting your vehicle towed and impounded, and increased car insurance premiums for the next few years. However, that figure does not include hospital/medical fees, property damages, and repairs. It also does not cover legal fees should you be taken to court. Repeat DUI offenders will consequently face harsher costs.

    Of course, loss of money is not the worst thing to risk when a person drives intoxicated. The worst thing they risk is their life and the lives of others, which is anyone out on the road at the same time. Getting into a fatal accident is something that would haunt this person forever.

    So, if you cannot rely on your friends to be the responsible ones, then you need to be the responsible one and know when it is time to stop drinking, and how to get everyone home safely.

    About California’s Revenge Porn Law

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    Revenge porn is when one person shares sexually explicit images and/or videos of their former intimate partner, typically on the Internet, without their consent.

    Their motive is to embarrass the former partner, which can lead to further distress. If you keep up with celebrity gossip, this is exactly what Rob Kardashian did recently against his former girlfriend and the mother of his young child, Blac Chyna.

    In California, it first became a law just a handful of years ago in 2013, and since then there have been changes and updates. It is a crime many people are becoming increasingly familiar with.

    California’s revenge porn crime is related to the crime of invasion of privacy.

    When one person secretly records sexually explicit photos and videos of another person without their consent that is invasion of privacy. With revenge porn, it is when the person initially knows about and consents to having images and videos taken of them with the understanding that they would be kept private. However, the person who took this content disregards this and distributes them to the public to view anyway to bring shame and embarrassment to the victim. That is when it becomes revenge porn.

    There are other unfortunate consequences that the victim can suffer from having their images shared without consent, especially if they are a young adult applying for school and jobs, not to mention their overall reputation.

    Revenge porn is punishable by a misdemeanor.

    For a first offense, the defendant faces up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Repeat offenders face up to 1 year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000. Additionally, if the victim was a minor, the defendant also faces a year in jail and a $2,000 fine, as well as charges for child pornography.

    No matter how angry and upset a person is with their ex-partner, it is never okay to exact revenge porn on them.