You’re Not Invincible From Jail

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You’re young and like to have a lot of fun. You like to party, drink, hang with friends, stay out late, and act as if you are invincible. But, everyone does, and not everyone has the best outcome. Many people just like you find themselves arrested and thrown in jail for offenses related to alcohol and partying. Often they’re fairly minor offenses but sometimes they’re way more serious than 24 hours in jail.

Ask the people who are sitting next to you in jail how they got there. You’ll end up with a handful of stories. They might tell you they were drinking and driving or got into an altercation after a night of drinking. The rest of the stories are ones you don’t really want to get into detail about…

But know this – all those people sitting in jail with you never really thought they’d actually end up arrested. Perhaps they know they did something wrong but they probably thought they’d get away with it. Your same track of mind. But look, now you’re in jail and now you need to deal with this. It’s not the end – you can bail out of jail with help from Walnut Creek Bail Bond Store. Feel free to call us at 925-228-5858 to speak with one of our bail agent.

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3 Laws You Probably Have Broken Without Realizing It

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Have you sung happy birthday recently or went on the internet while you’re at Starbucks? Well, if you have, you broke the law! Really! There are quite a few laws out there that you and millions of others (including cops), have probably broken, but didn’t realize it.

  • Singing Happy Birthday in public could quickly turn a happy birthday into a sad one. The song is actually copyrighted. Just because it’s almost absurd NOT to sing the song during the party doesn’t mean the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers won’t file a suit. They actually threatened to sue the Girl Scouts of America.
  • Connecting to public WiFi networks, or wifi squatting, is against the law, even if it doesn’t ask for a password. Most people don’t consider this, especially if they only need the Internet for a short moment.
  • Providing a false name online for emails or username accounts makes people think they are protecting their own privacy. But, this act is illegal and can relate to fraud. So even using Twitter under a different name can mean you are contributing to illegal activity.

If it helps, you’re not the only person to have broken these laws without realizing it. The majority of people will be in the same boat as you too! It’s highly unlikely you will be approached by the police for these “crimes” – unless something more serious stems from the case – but it is good and interesting to know and be aware of this. (Who would have thought singing happy birthday is illegal!)

If for any reason you or another person you know is in jail, please contact Alameda Bail Bond Store online or on the phone at 925-228-5858. Get a FREE consultation with one of our bail agents. Ask your agent if you qualify for our no collateral needed bail bonds. We’ll help you book a bail bond to get you out of jail asap!

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When The Cost Of A Music Festival Includes Bail

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As the popularity of attending massive music festivals rises, so does the number of arrests, unfortunately. The most common offenses at music festivals are drug possession (most often ecstasy), public intoxication, and trespassing. Getting arrested for such violations at a music festival may be quite the bummer, but it should serve as a wake up call – some unfortunate incidents end in death.

These are generally misdemeanor charges with a fine and possibly jail time. But in the meantime, you can bail out of jail with a bail bond from Martinez Bail Bond Store. You or someone on your behalf will need to contact a bail agent from Martinez Bail Bond Store either through online chat or by phone at 925-228-5858. Within a few hours (and after you’re sober), you’ll be out of jail. When you’re home, you can re-evaluate certain decisions you made for the music festival. We’re not trying to dampen the mood and get you to stop attending music festivals; we merely want you all to enjoy it safely and properly without endangering your life or that of another. The cost for paying for a bail bond – or the cost of a life – is never, ever, worth the risk.

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Cyberbullying And How It Relates To Martinez Bail Bond Store

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Cyberbullying (intentionally posting personal information of and/or harassing another person by electronic communication like texts, emails and social media with the intent of causing fear) seems like a rather harmless crime but in California, it’s taken very seriously. Cyberbullying has led victims to harm themselves, commit suicide, or act out and harm others.

Subject to a fine of up to $1,000, and a jail sentence of up to 1 year, cyberbullying itself is a misdemeanor conviction. It happens most among students but can and does happen among adults too.

School educators and administrators are trained to look out for signs of cyberbullying. There is a procedure they must follow when a cyberbullying case is identified and reported.

As mentioned, bullying cases can lead to more serious crimes, and that’s when Martinez Bail Bond Store might be of help to you (though we hope we never have to). In case you or someone you care about is arrested, Martinez Bail Bond Store will provide a low-cost bail bond to get you or them out of jail temporarily until trial, if it happens. Bailing out of jail is much more ideal than staying in jail for an unknown period of time; learn more about bail bonds by chatting with one of our bail agents online or by calling 925-228-5858. Ask one of our bail agents about our no down payment bail bonds. Consultation is FREE, so call us today!

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Trouble Is Not In Your Vacation Plans

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Grab your sunblock and your bathing suits because it’s time to travel! It’s the perfect weather to hit the beach or the lake – or some pool party. Our yearning for sunshine fun began with Spring Break and it won’t stop until the Fall. We can’t wait!

We have plans to travel to a specific place that we can’t always get to, and we may have trouble deciding what the final destination will be. But no matter where we go, there is one place that will linger behind, waiting for us to make one wrong move: jail.

No one wants their vacation to end abruptly with an arrest – especially an arrest that happens away from the home city. Being arrested away from home causes more headache of a procedure than it already would be.

You know what you can get yourself into, and you know how to take care of yourself. You know right from wrong and how to spot trouble, and stay out of it. Trouble is not part of your vacation itinerary, so don’t let it be a spur of the moment incident.

Martinez Bail Bond Store would really rather not have to get a bail bond help call from you or any loved ones, but you can count on us to be ready to assist you in case you do need bail help. Get information on bail bonds now by chatting with one of our bail agents online or by calling us at 925-228-5858. Feel free to ask our bail agents about our zero down bail bonds.

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Bail Prices Range For Infractions, Misdemeanors, and Felonies

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As you know, bail prices will be based on the crime that took place. Crimes are categorized into one of three: infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies (felonies being the most serious crimes). Fines and bail for infractions and misdemeanors will generally be less than that of felonies; here are some relatively common bail prices for some crimes that fall into these two categories:

  • Misuse of 9-1-1 dialing: $50, increasing with each offense
  • Carrying a loaded firearm in public: $10,000
  • Selling or using a device that obscures visibility of a license plate: $250
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license: $1,000
  • Reckless driving: $5,000
  • Hunting during unlawful hunting hours: $200
  • Take or possess fully protected mammals: $5,000


There are all kinds of rules and regulations and laws that can be broken and rest assured that there will be consequences – financial and possibly jail time too. If you’re in need of a bail bond to help cut the costs so you don’t have to pay the full bail price, get in touch with California’s Bay Point Bail Bond Store and speak with one of our bail agents. Feel free to ask them about our zero down bail bonds. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and consultation is always FREE. Call us today!

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3 Reasons Benicia Bail Bond Store Is The Best Bail Bond Company In California

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Here are 3 reasons why Benicia Bail Bond Store is the best bail bond company in the state.

  1. Available 24/7
    The police don’t wait 8 hours overnight before making an arrest. Hospitals don’t close emergency rooms until the next work day. So, why should Benicia Bail Bond Store make you wait until the next business day before getting you a bail bond? We’re not here to waste anyone’s time or make anyone wait in jail longer than they need to.
  2. Customized Payment Plans
    Financial situations at home are different for everyone. We all have different necessities to pay for at different costs, and some may have more dependents than others. Plus, we don’t all have the same income. So we don’t expect every single person to be able to afford the same bail bond at the same payment plan rate. We will customize payment plan for each client to fit their financial situation.
  3. Reliable, Exceptionally Helpful Bail Agents
    Benicia Bail Bond Store boasts about our licensed and very knowledgeable bail agents, each of whom is incredibly dedicated to the industry, this company, and our clients. Our bail agents are invested in each case, seeing clients through the whole processing, making sure it goes as smoothly as possible. More helpful and reliable bail agents can’t be found anywhere else in California – they’re here at Benicia Bail Bond Store.


Find out for yourself how Benicia Bail Bond Store can help you. Find out about cheap bail bonds we offer. Chat with one of our bail agents online or call us anytime at 925-228-5858. We won’t let you down!

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What Is A Governor’s Pardon?

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Not every hard criminal is a truly bad person that their criminal record makes them out to believe. Some people are so determined to not let their arrest and conviction define them; they have the motivation to prove to others that they are a good, trustworthy person. For these very select individuals, they have the opportunity to be granted a California Governor’s Pardon.

A California Governor’s Pardon is an honor and privilege given to convicts who have shown outstandingly good behavior following their conviction. It helps provide relief for them from the penalties otherwise associated with a criminal conviction:

  • The person may own a firearm, unless their conviction stemmed from a crime that involved one.
  • The person may serve on a jury.
  • The person does not have to register as a sex offender for life.
  • The person may be employed as a probation or parole officer.


In addition, being granted a governor’s pardon may make it even easier for them to secure a job or a home or a loan.

A small percentage of California convicts are granted this pardon, but rest assured that some are.

You might not quite be there yet – but are you in need of a bail bond to get yourself or a loved one out of jail? Martinez Bail Bond Store can provide you with an affordable bail bond at a low monthly rate cost. We offer no collateral needed bail bonds to qualifying clients. Learn more about bail and bail bonds and the whole process by talking with a bail agent at Martinez Bail Bond Store online through the chat portal or on the phone by dialing 925-228-5858.

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Expunging Vs. Sealing A Criminal Record

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Having a criminal record can be haunting, especially for a person who is generally a good and honest person. And we know that employers and banks (and others) are able to access arrest and conviction records during criminal background checks. Is it possible to have any information on a criminal record sealed, so that in the future, it won’t show up during a criminal background check? After all, it was years ago, a minor issue, and that person has been on very good behavior since.

Well, it is possible and there are two ways to do this: expunging or sealing the record.

  • Sealing a record means that it can no longer be accessed by normal means. So employers, for example, who are running a background check on you, will not see any records that have been sealed. The records still exist, but require a court order in order to be seen again.
  • Expunging a record is making it as if the offense never happened. The record is removed or destroyed so even by a court order, the record will not be revealed.


Obviously, expunging a record is more preferable to sealing it if possible, but in both situations, they are both beneficial to the individual. Of course, neither of this occurs until much later than the actual conviction at the end of trial.

If you need a bail bond to get you out of jail before and during trial, then by all means, contact Martinez Bail Bond Store and ask one of our knowledgeable and caring bail agents about our no down payment bail bonds. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience and consultation is FREE!

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Believe It Or Not: Most Expensive Bail In U.S. History

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If you’re curious to learn just how expensive bail can be, check out some of these real cases where bail has been set among the most expensive in United States history (and some of the most high-profile and media-covered cases):

O.J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson is most famously known being found not guilty in murdering his wife and her lover in the 1990s. But when he was arrested in the 2000s for robbing a hotel casino, his bail was originally set at $125 thousand then raised to $250 thousand after violating his bail terms and conditions. Simpson bailed out using a bail bond, which cost him probably only 10-15% of his bail price.

Bernie Madoff
Accused of fraud and the $50 billion Ponzi scheme, Madoff was granted $10 million bail, but unable to gather 4 bail bond cosigners, his bail conditions were modified to house arrest.

Kening Ma
Ma was held on $100 million bail for selling all-terrain vehicles without a smog certificate.

Michael Milken
Held on $250 million bail for a Wall Street case, Milken only served 2 years of his 10 year prison sentence.

If you or a loved one are in need of a bail bond, Martinez Bail Bond Store can help you. It doesn’t matter if bail was set at $10,000 or $10 million – Martinez Bail Bond Store will help and provide you with the most affordable bail bond possible. We can offer qualifying clients zero down bail bonds and we will customize a payment plan according to your financial needs as best as we can. Don’t make your loved one in jail wait any longer – chat online with one of our bail agents at Martinez Bail Bond Store call us at 925-228-5858 today!

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