Bail Is Not Tax Deductible, Sorry

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Although it might seem tax deductible because it’s a payment going to the government, bail is actually not tax deductible. Bail is a guarantee (like a bribe, essentially) to get a defendant to appear in court for a crime they are accused of committing. As long as the defendant is compliant with this and his or her other bail release terms and conditions, then they will get their bail money refunded back to them.

In the case that they choose to bail out of jail using a third party bail bond company like Moraga Bail Bond Store, then they will be losing a little bit of money, in the longer run. The defendant pays the bail company 10-15% of their full bail amount and the bail bond company will then cover the remainder of the price for the time being. The defendant will need to go to court and respect release conditions just the same, but this time, at the close of trial, they will not be given their money back from the bail bond company.

Bail bonds exist as an alternative method for most people who need to bail out of jail. Getting enough money to pay bail without a bail bond company is stressful and strenuating. Most people use a bail company, like Moraga Bail Bond Store in California who offers cheap bail bonds.

Moraga Bail Bond Store has been helping Californians for nearly three decades now and we have grown into one of the best bail bond company in the state. We have helped thousands of Californians over the years and we can help you too. We make bail bond quick, easy and affordable for all of our clients because our bail agents actually want to help you.

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Bail Is An Option With Tax Money

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Bail is ridiculously expensive, period. Most people won’t easily have enough money to post bail on their own. Even getting extra money back from the IRS during tax season won’t be enough money to bail out of jail. However, that extra tax return money might be enough to afford a bail bond from Lafayette Bail Bond Store; a bail bond is an alternative method to bailing out of jail, and they only cost 10-15% of the full bail amount.

The cost of bail bonds will be paid on a payment plan, meaning the defendant will be released from jail before the entire 10-15% is paid off. But the main catch that levels this against paying the full bail price directly with the court is that the 10-15% paid to the bail bond company is not refundable at the end of the case, whereas 100% of the bail that is paid directly to court (without the bail bond company as the middle man), is. Both options of bailing out of jail are legal and legitimate – it’s merely a situation matter as to which method you choose to go with.

Of course there’s more to learn about bail and bail bonds, and you can do that by chatting with Lafayette Bail Bond Store online where we can provide you with plenty of information such as securing a zero down bail bonds with us. You can also dial 925-228-5858 to speak directly with one of our helpful and knowledgeable bail agents.

Our bail bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer you their assistance. We also have offices located all over California, so that means our bail agents can help you no matter where you are in the state. At Lafayette Bail Bond Store, you can rest easy knowing that you can rely on our bail agents to be there for you whenever you need bail help.

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Bail Bonds Work And Martinez Bail Bond Store Can Prove It

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Bail bonds as a way of jail release are working. What do we mean by that? At Martinez Bail Bond Store, we mean that by releasing a defendant from jail using our no collateral needed bail bonds, we are giving the defendant some of his or her life back. They can go to work, hang with friends and family, live comfortably as possible at home. However, they need to show up for court and make bail bond payments, which can come from themselves or friends or family on their behalf. The defendants are well aware of the risks and consequences they face if they disobey these bail conditions. Because of that, they are more likely to obey those terms, less likely to go against them and cause more trouble.

By getting arrested, the defendant has experienced first hand everything they can lose in a heartbeat. They’ve gone to jail. They have felt the heartbreak in friends and family. They are going to do their absolute best to turn their life around and prove to their loved ones that they regret their actions that caused them to get arrested in the first place. They want to prove they are still a good person capable of change for the better.

Martinez Bail Bond Store wants to help these arrested individuals improve and succeed at these personal goals. We believe in the right to bail; we believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We have been in the California bail bond industry for 29 years and we have seen success story after success story after success story. You can be the next one – contact Martinez Bail Bond Store at 925-228-5858. We’ll help bail you out of jail and we promise to support you the whole way.

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Pay For Your Bail Bond, Not Strained Relationships

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Getting arrested is such a selfish thing to do. How many people are affected by one person’s arrest? Countless friends and family members. Some co-workers or peers. Tax-payers. So, practically everyone.

Sure the one person who is arrested faces the scariest consequences and the toughest recovery period. But those closest to them also deal with consequences. They deal with this strain in their relationship. Trust can be broken and whether it can be put all back together is an unanswered question. Some relationships, unfortunately, are never the same as they used to be. Others are able to rebuild their relationships again. But nonetheless, getting arrested is selfish because you’re putting others in this awful situation where they too must deal with pain and headache.

To try and ease all the tension, you need to first bail out of jail. Your best effort will come when you are out of jail, not in it. To bail out of jail, get a zero down bail bond from Martinez Bail Bond Store. You can get in touch with them or someone on your behalf can do it. Either way, your Martinez Bail Bond Store bail agents will work to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. You’ll have to make all your bail bond payments on time and show up for your court sessions. By doing this, you’ll be well on your way to proving to others that you are capable of being a good human being, that you are serious about this situation. This responsibility is a step towards rebuilding strained relationships.

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People With A Criminal Past Can Always Find Work

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As we always attempt to reassure our clients, having been arrested is not “the end” for you. For many, getting arrested is simply a mishap. It will go on your record but it will not always haunt you for the rest of your life. People with a criminal past are very much capable of being granted a loan, getting a job and getting an apartment or home.

For example, recently it was announced that the popular ridesharing service Uber has eased their screening process on their drivers who have a criminal record. According to Uber, this move of theirs is to closer align themselves with the state’s Prop 47. Prop 47, which was passed in 2014, redefines some non-violent felonies as misdemeanors (such as petty theft and forgery), giving offenders a “second chance.” As you might guess, this was met with mixed reactions from the public.

There will still be a screening process at Uber, but it won’t be as rigorous as before.

This is just one example to show that even if you do get arrested, you can still succeed in your future. You’ll have friends and family to support you, as well as your Martinez Bail Bond Store agent who you can rely on to help bail you out of jail as quickly as possible by securing a no downpayment bail bond. Contact Martinez Bail Bond Store 24/7 at 925-228-5858 – one of our kind and knowledgeable bail agent is waiting by the phone for you!

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Emeryville Bail Bond Store Accepts Tax Returns As Payment

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Bail bonds through Emeryville Bail Bond Store are flexible and affordable. We customize payment plans as much as we can according to each client’s situation and accept a range of payment options like cash, credit and debit, checks, collateral and even tax returns – which in reality would be converted into cash, credit or debit or a check made to Emeryville Bail Bond Store anyway.

The cost for each bail bond will depend on how much the judge had set bail at for the defendant. The price of that will depend on what violation was. Misdemeanors can be a few hundred to tens of thousands and felonies can go as high as the millions. To calculate the bail bond price, you would take the bail figure and calculate 10 to 15% of it – that’s the range for Emeryville Bail Bond Store-10-15% of the full bail amount.

Don’t worry, your Emeryville Bail Bond Store agent will walk you through the steps and provide free consultation without commitment from you beforehand. We want to make sure you know everything there is to know – this is a stressful time and we want to make this easier for you. Give us a call at 925-228-5858 or chat online with one of our friendly and caring bail agents now!

Emeryville Bail Bond Store has been helping Californians for nearly three decades now and we have grown into one of the best bail bond company in the state. We have helped thousands of Californians over the years and we can help you too. We make bail bond quick and easy for all of our clients because our bail agents actually want to help you.

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You Need To “Interview” A Bail Bond Company First

El Sobrante Bail Bonds

When your freedom, or that of someone you love, is literally on the line, you of course are going to want to seek out the best help you could possibly receive. You need to get out of jail and you need someone who you can trust and rely on to help you achieve this. You want the best care so things can run as smoothly as possible, as quickly as possible.

When searching for a bail bond agent, make sure to have a free consultation before making any commitments. This consultation will sort of be like an interview where you decide if this agent and company is worth hiring to help. These are some questions you’ll want answered:

  • What do you charge?
    All things considered, this is one of the most important questions. Obviously you have a budget and you want to be in that. Most bail bond companies will charge between 10-15%. If there is a greater fee, we recommend continuing your search.
  • Can I get that in writing?
    Some people will try and trick eager clients, taking advantage of the fact that their client very likely has little to no knowledge of the bail industry. They will try and get more money from you than they lead you to believe. Make sure to get written copies of their services and fees, as well as anything you end up signing.
  • May I see your license?
    The last thing you want is to work with someone who is working under a false or expired license. If the truth is revealed, your bail bond and thus your freedom is in jeopardy.


Looking for the best of the best? Take a look at El Sobrante Bail Bond Store. Read up on their services as well as testimonials from former clients. Chat with a bail agent online through the chat portal or call them at 925-228-5858. Find out about the company – consultations are free! And if and when you’re ready to commit, your agent will have you (or your loved one) out of jail in no time.

Bail help is only a phone call away at El Sobrante Bail Bond Store, call 925-228-5858 or Chat With Us now.

Admitting You’ve Been Arrested

Martinez Bail Bonds

Admitting to something so serious like getting arrested can be very hard to do but once you get it over with, you’ll find your uphill climb to be much easier.

No matter what the crime you committed was, you always know there are certain people you can talk to openly. This revelation to them likely won’t come without disappointment or anger, but it will also come with much needed support and assurance from them. From financial help to making calls for lawyers or support groups, they’ll help carry some of the load. You’ve got more than enough to focus on from here on out and wherever there is room for a loved one to help take over, let them.

Having an arrest record is a huge secret to keep throughout your lifetime. If you keep it to yourself, you will continue to stress about it even after your case has ended. You must forgive yourself for your actions and a part of accomplishing this is involving at least a close circle of inner confidants.

Arrested people are offered bail and it is definitely a good idea for the defendant to post bail. This allows them space, time and room to evaluate the situation, handle it properly, and feel support from loved ones. Bail can be affordable with bail bonds from Martinez Bail Bond Store. Learn more by calling 925-228-5858. Speak with someone from Martinez Bail Bond Store to get all of your questions answered right away!

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How Much Time Do I Have To Post Bail?

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You may post bail anytime after your bail hearing – as long as the judge has granted bail, of course. The time it will take to pay off bail will depend on the route you choose to bail out of jail.

  1. If you wish to pay your bail money directly with court so you have the option of being refunded all that money at the end of your trial, you will need to pay the entire bail before your release.
  2. If you wish to pay a professional bail bond company to bail you out of jail with a bail bond, you will be paying less, but you will not be refunded anything. You would pay only 10-15% of the bail amount to the bail bond company over a period of weeks or months. In addition, you would be released from jail as soon as the legal agreement forms are signed and processed, meaning you’d be making your payments after your release.

There are definitely pros and cons to both ways to bail. One is not necessarily “better” than the other in the eyes of the justice system. One would only be “better” to you in regards to your financial situation.

Making the decision isn’t going to be an easy one because yes, it’s confusing and stressful. You can get a free consultation from Martinez Bail Bond Store by calling 925-228-5858. One of our bail agents will go over everything you need to know, answer all questions you may have and help you decide if a bail bond is a better fit for you overall. Just know that we’ve helped people in all sorts of situations and with different levels of income so we certainly wouldn’t turn you away for any reason!

Call Martinez Bail Bond Store today at 925-228-5858 any hour of the day, any day of the week. You can also Chat With Us now.

Even More Hoverboard Laws

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Hoverboard laws are continuing to get stricter.

In January, a number of hoverboard laws in California began: riders had to be at least 16 and wear a helmet, for example. They could ride on sidewalks or streets where the posted speed limit was no more than 35 miles per hour. These are state-wide laws.

Individual cities can get into more laws that would apply only to them, and that is exactly what Long Beach is doing. The City Council recently voted to ban hoverboards from sidewalks, meaning they must now only be used on those streets and obey the same rules as cyclists. This is to keep sidewalks in Long Beach pedestrian friendly.

Anyone violating any hoverboard laws can be slapped with a fine and anyone caught under the influence and riding a hoverboard may even be cited with a DUI.

Hoverboard riders must watch out for their safety now, especially if they are riding on the streets, and all other drivers, cyclists and skaters must also beware that they have some new wheels to share the streets with. Just like a cyclist can be hit by a car, so can a hoverboard rider and that is not going to be a pretty sight to look at or a pretty situation to deal with afterwards – jail?

Getting out of jail, though, will be easy with a bail bond from Martinez Bail Bond Store. Speak to one of our bail agents to learn more about the bail bond process. Consultation is always FREE!

If you have any questions regarding bail bonds, call Martinez Bail Bond Store at 925-228-5858 or Chat With Us now. We’re open 24/7!