Pay For Bail With Your Tax Refund!

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You know the saying, “every little bit counts” applies to bail too, right? You’ve probably never put the two together just like you probably never thought you’d ever be arrested and then be responsible for paying for your bail. Paying for bail is a huge financial responsibility that will likely be made easier with proper budgeting. This may take some time from you to think about and plan, but you’ll definitely be glad you did.

Besides your monthly bail bond payments, you’ll also need to pay for:

  • Food – we recommend buying groceries and cooking rather than eating out all the time).
  • Bills – focus on the absolute necessary bills like electricity and gas. Others that are more subscription-based bills like the gym or Netflix – cancel those.
  • Rent
  • Insurance(s)

Then there are other things you may or may not need to be paying like textbooks and tuition for your children if you have any, clothes, gas for your car.

Look at your savings accounts and look at your paychecks. Look at how much you spend on everything and re-prioritize where you put your money.

Then, now, comes a bonus – your annual tax refund. There’s no saying how much you’ll get, really, but every little bit counts. Use your tax refund to pay for bail!

Your Martinez Bail Bond Store agent can also help manage your bail bond payments. You’ll work with one of our bail agent to finalize a personalized payment plan that as much as possible, doesn’t hurt your finances. Just meet your monthly payments, go to all court appointments and you’re set!

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Paying (Or Not Paying) For Bail

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When a judge grants an accused criminal offender bail, that means the offender can pay to get out of jail and live at home for the duration of the trial. The reason the offender has to pay to do this is because the court needs an incentive for the offender to go to their court dates. The bail money the offender pays is fully refundable at the end of trial, unless they skip court or disobey any release terms. If this is the case, the money is not returned.

Using a bail bond to get out of jail is a slightly different process than paying for bail directly to the court. The criminal offender will hire a bail bondsman for a fee – 10-15% of the full bail amount. This fee is not refundable, however the incentive here is that the offender does not have to pay the remaining 85-90% of their bail as long as they go to their court appointments. On top of that, the 10-15% can be paid off on a monthly payment plan. If the offender skips court or disobeys any release terms, they will need to pay the remainder of the bail and lose any collateral that was offered for the bond as well.

In special cases, a judge will grant an accused criminal offender release on “own recognizance.” What this means is that the offender is free to leave jail and live at home for the duration of their trial – without having to pay. Being granted release on “own recognizance” the defendant is a very low flight risk, doesn’t have a criminal record, has many ties to the community, and is accused of a very minor crime. Still, the offender must comply to all release terms or there will be more consequences.

Most people though, are given bail and most people go with the bail bond route. Martinez Bail Bond Store can help set up a bail bond on a low monthly rate payment plan – just call us at 925-228-5858. We are open 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

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Consequences Of Ignoring Jury Duty

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When a jury summons is received in the mail, most people respond with annoyance. Most people see this as a waste of their personal and professional time – they’re not getting paid to sit on a jury. At the same time, juries are an integral part to the workings of the justice system. It is the people’s responsibility and right to sit on a jury. It is a defendant’s right to have a trial with a jury of their peers.

Many people ignore their jury summons. Consequences of doing so include fines and possibly even jail time. A judge can issue a bench warrant for their arrest, meaning the police have the right to arrest them at any time. Because it is not an emergency though, the police likely won’t hunt a person down specifically for this warrant. But if they happen to pull them over for running a stop sign and see in their records that they have this outstanding warrant, they can very well arrest you.

Yes, jury service is a hassle and inconvenience to pretty much everyone, but dealing with it and getting over with it the proper way is a much better idea than taking a risk that has jail as a possible consequence.

If a bail bond is ever needed for someone who is arrested, no matter the crime or even because they ignored their jury duty, the best and most helpful group to contact is Martinez Bail Bond Store by calling 925-228-5858. Martinez Bail Bond Store agents help people bail out of jail quickly and affordably.

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