Got A Bail Bond Payment Coming Up? Use Your Tax Refund

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Before you go spending your tax return on new clothes and alcohol, think about your financial commitments first. Rent. Groceries. Credit card payments. Loans. Bills. Insurance. Even bail bond payments. As nice as it would be to treat yourselves and splurge on with your generous tax return, it is much wiser to use this money first where you are required to make payments to (and by required, we mean where you can suffer from consequences if you do not!).

For example, failing to make a bail bond payment means that whoever is out on bail (you or someone else) is at risk for being rearrested. A missed bail bond payment is a red flag and the bail bond company and the judge might revoke the bail bond and order the defendant to be put back into custody. And if the bail bond is revoked, then the whole bail amount may have to be paid when originally, it was only to be 10-15% of it.

So, when you get your tax refund, really think about how and where you will be spending (or saving it). If you’ve got a bail bond payment coming up, contact Benicia Bail Bond Store. Your bail agent can help you get that payment taken care of.

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What Appears On Your Background Check

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There are two types of people: those with a criminal background and those without. For those with a criminal background check, you’re probably wondering, nervously, what exactly pops up when someone requests or searches into your history. Here’s some information that might answer your questions.

  • Individuals, partners, corporations or limited liability companies may request to review your criminal background. This includes employers, banks and property owners. They first need to receive consent to obtain the records.
  • Only records where there was a conviction will appear on the criminal record. Any arrests or detention that did not result in conviction will not appear.
  • Any records that have been sealed or expunged will not appear.
  • Only records within the last 7 years will appear. Anything that occurred longer before will not appear. However, there may be certain circumstances where older crimes may be necessary.

If an employer learns you have a criminal history, it does not immediately deny you the position. The employer can and likely will ask you questions about your criminal history but if they find you to be very qualified and a good candidate, they will not disregard your application.

Criminal backgrounds do not “destroy” the rest of your life, per se. It will be something that comes up every now and then but plenty of people with criminal history find great success and happiness.

We hope you never get any conviction on your criminal record but if you are ever arrested, we encourage you to bail out of jail with Bay Point Bail Bond Store. Hopefully your trial finds you “not guilty.”

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CA Laws That Leave Us Scratching Our Heads

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You think you’ve heard and seen the weirdest, strangest things like powdered eggs and an app that allows people to request another person, a stranger, to wait in line for them at a restaurant so they do not have to. Well, you haven’t seen this list of the oddest laws in California that is definitely up there on our list of “what, really?” Check them out:

  • Women may not drive in a housecoat.
  • No vehicle may go faster than 60 miles per hour without a driver.
  • Residents in Blythe may not wear cowboy boots unless they own at least 2 cows.
  • People in Carmel cannot go outside wearing a jacket and pants that do not match.
  • If you want a pet rhino in Norco, you must get a permit first.
  • There is no annoying of any lizards in Fresno parks.
  • In Eureka, any man with a mustache is not allowed to kiss a woman.
  • In Glendale, cars may not be driven in reverse.
  • It is illegal to pour salt on a highway in the Hermosa Beach area.

These are some of our favorite but the list definitely goes on. Some of these laws have just been worded oddly and some are just plain weird and interesting.

Yes, these are current California laws. How strictly they’re enforced – we’re guessing not so strictly on most of these but technically you still can get in trouble for them.

We really don’t expect to have to bail anyone out of jail for many of these but if you or someone you know is arrested for breaking one of these odd California laws, our bail bonds will get you out of jail just as quickly as a bail bond for a “real” more serious crime.

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How You Can Reduce Some Of Your Unpaid Traffic Ticket Costs

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In case you haven’t heard yet, California has a new amnesty program for some people who have outstanding traffic tickets (parking tickets, tickets for reckless driving and DUI offenses are not covered in the program). This new program began October 2015 and will run until March 2017.

The purpose of the program is to provide relief for some individuals. Qualified individuals can get the sum of their outstanding payments reduced. If applicable, they may also get their license reinstate, with a small fee.

For specific details and to find out if you qualify for the program, contact a local California DMV.

Applying for this program will be of great relief – we’ll remind you that people who rack up unpaid tickets can eventually be arrested. And if it gets to that point, Martinez Bail Bond Store is available to help bail you (or someone you know) out of jail. Just contact us at 925-228-5858. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

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Bail – A Lot To Understand, But Martinez Bail Bond Store Can Help

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When it comes to bail and bail bonds, and the whole legal process in general, there is a lot to know and digest. It’s a pain to deal with, one you never wanted. It’s stressful and draining and takes up a lot of time.

Our team at Martinez Bail Bond Store will try and make the bail and bail bond process as fast and easy for you as possible. We definitely will not skip over or leave out any information, and please let us know if you need something clarified or re-explained. We will work together to get your loved one bailed out of jail, and we will create a customized payment plan that fits your financial needs. We want to simplify the process as much as possible.

Martinez Bail Bond Store is here to support you through this difficult time because you certainly should not have to deal with this alone. Use our resources and services to your full advantage.

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What Can I Do To Lower My Bail?

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Unfortunately for you, there is not much you can do to lower your bail or the bail of someone you love. No matter how much you know yourself or your loved one to be a good, honest person, your word and plea is not enough to get a judge to lower the bail he or she set. The judge is very unlikely to lower a bail amount that has been set.

Also, a bail agent is unable to get your bail amount lowered. But, what a bail agent can do is offer you an alternative way to pay for bail that does have some weighing factors to consider. Whether you pay bail directly to court without a third party bail agent or you pay with a bail bond from a bail agent, you will need to abide by your release conditions. That means you must make all court appearances.

When you pay bail directly to court, you must pay 100% of the amount before you can be released. But 100% of this money you pay can be refunded back to you in the end.

When you use a bail bond, you only pay 10-15% of your bail amount to the bail agent. This 10-15% is paid off on a payment plan, meaning you can make monthly payments. Plus, you’ll be released from jail before paying it all off. However, the 10-15% is not refundable.

So while you cannot lower the overall bail amount that the judge sets, you do have options in paying for bail and how much you pay versus how much you might get back.

Bail bond consultations are FREE with Albany Bail Bond Store and your bail agent can help evaluate your own situation and work with you to create the best bail bond solution for you.

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What Do You Know About Bail From Watching TV?

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As you can expect, television shows and movies do not teach viewers everything there is to know about bail.

You’ve probably heard the Miranda Rights read to a suspect or a judge set a bail amount. But you probably don’t see the process the suspect goes through from their arrest to the court and you probably don’t see the process the judge goes through to determine the suspect’s eligibility for bail. You also likely don’t see the suspect physically post bail, or how they evaluate their different options for doing so.

Well, a judge will determine bail eligibility predominantly on the following factors:

  • Whether or not the suspect has a criminal history and if so, what points are on there.
  • The suspect’s ties to the community and thus their likelihood to flee or stick to their word to come to court.
  • The type of crime the suspect committed.
  • Their financial ability to pay bail.

Based on the above, a suspect can be:

  • Denied bail, meaning he or she must stay in custody no matter what.
  • Granted bail, meaning he or she must pay a certain amount of money to be freed.
  • Released on “own recognizance,” meaning he or she can be released without paying any money.

When granted bail, the suspect may pay the money they owe directly to court and have the option to have it all returned at the end, provided they show up to all court appointments. Or, the suspect may consult with a licensed bail agent from a bail bond company like Walnut Creek Bail Bond Store to get a bail bond that costs them 10-15% of the full bail amount that is paid over a period of time. This 10-15% however, is not refundable.

There are pros and cons to paying for bail with a bail bond and it all depends on each person’s own situation. Most people though, find that using a bail bond is much better for them.

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Yearly Training Makes Martinez Bail Bond Store Agents The Best

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Every year, Martinez Bail Bond Store agents are required to enroll in courses and lectures regarding the bail industry and what is expected of a professional, successful bail agent. Even a 20-year veteran is required to do so. The reason for these annual trainings is to keep Martinez Bail Bond Store agents at the top of their game and at the top of the industry.

In these sessions, agents also learn the best customer service and care. They learn how to connect with each client yet not be invested too personally where it can be harmful for the job and the client-agent relationship. Getting a bail bond is half of the job – the other half is building the trusting, helpful relationship.

Not all companies have their employees do this. Many bail bond agents will only take classes and tests when they have to renew their license. But by this time, the industry has already evolved and advanced, making them behind and thus making getting a bail bond a little more difficult.

But, with yearly training (and sometimes multiple times a year), Martinez Bail Bond Store agents are able to work with many clients at one time and still deliver each a bail bond with their own personalized payment plan in a very efficient and timely manner. Yearly training makes Martinez Bail Bond Store agents the best in the field and the most sought-after.

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Why Bail Bond Store Need A Co-Signer

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In order to get a bail bond, there will need to be a co-signer. The co-signer is taking on responsibility for the defendant. By signing the bail bond paperwork, the co-signer is agreeing to financial consequences if the defendant does not show up in court: paying the remainder of the full bail amount and surrendering any collateral he or she has offered.

The risk is high for the co-signer, who would need to have a very high level of trust in the defendant to be true to his or her word and go to court.

Luckily, co-signers are also given protections. They are allowed to withdraw their name from the bail bond at any time they wish, potentially saving them from the financial loss. If they withdraw their name, the defendant will be taken back into custody. The defendant cannot be out on a bail bond without a co-signer.

Before co-signing any bail bond, a person really must evaluate 1) how much they trust the defendant and 2) if they can afford the risks. Your Martinez Bail Bond Store agent will help provide advice throughout the process so you’re not making decisions blindly on your own.

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Bail Bond Store Protect Us Too!

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When a person bails out of jail, they are less likely to get themselves into more trouble again. Why? Because they know that if they are re-arrested,

  1. They face more punishment.
  2. They (or someone on their behalf) will need to pay the remainder of the bond.
  3. Any collateral that was offered will be taken away.

Plus, relationships between the defendant and anyone who is supporting them financially and/or emotionally will be strained even further.

Defendants obviously want to avoid all of this, which is why they are more likely to abide by their bail terms and conditions. They cannot afford to pay more, financially and they also cannot afford to lose the support from loved ones. This is a very stressful and complicated time; they want as many people on their side as possible.

Bailing out of jail is easier when a bail bond is used. Bail bonds reduce the cost and extends the payment period. Martinez Bail Bond Store offers flexible payment plans so that no one has to struggle with bail payments versus other necessary payments like bills and rent.

Of course, paying for bail can be done without a third-party bail bond company, but when Martinez Bail Bond Store can make the process easier and more affordable with your bail agent taking you through the whole process, why not go for the bail bond route then?

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